Cellulite Removal, Hollywood & Self Esteem

Cellulite Removal & the Hollywood “Fat Dialogue” –

Not just celebrity gossip websites – but also major news outlets – have been chiming in on the national dialogue about “fat shaming”. With fashion models seemingly getting skinnier and skinnier, everyone has an opinion about what is “beautiful”, what is “normal” and what is “healthy”!

The controversy over Vogue’s “Plus Size Issue” reached epic proportions after they included a very normal-sized Amy Schumer on its cover. Soon Jennifer Lawrence joined the discussion – revealing that even she (at a whopping size 6) was considered “big” by Hollywood standards.

So what does all of this mean for the rest of us? Do we starve ourselves pursuing an unrealistic Hollywood ideal? Or do we ignore Hollywood standards and eat what we want whenever we want? In our opinion a realistic answer lies somewhere in between!

Cellulite Removal Means Looking Good at Any Size!

We believe that a healthy, confident woman who takes care of her body and her appearance can be beautiful at any size … while even the thinnest of women can look unattractive if they don’t take care of themselves.

And whether you are big or small, cellulite removal treatments can improve your body’s appearance by removing ugly, dimpled skin – giving your body a healthy and toned look.

Cellulite Affects Thin Women Too

We have discussed the fact in many previous articles that cellulite affects up to 85% of all women – both thin and heavy. This is because cellulite is actually based in heredity!

Cellulite is made up of little pockets of normal body fat that pushes through the skin’s connective tissue “grid”. (It’s kind of like pushing playdough though a screen.) So hereditary factors – including the thickness of your skin & the strength of your connective tissue – determine whether you will get cellulite . . . not your size!

Exercising is Healthy – But it Won’t Remove Cellulite

Unfortunately, when you exercise, it is impossible to “target” those little cellulite fat pockets that “dimple up” like cottage cheese in your problem areas.

And while exercise is absolutely great for overall health, it simply will not remove stubborn cellulite! So even the healthiest or the thinnest of women can feel uncomfortable about their appearance due to cellulite.

Hollywood’s Best Cellulite Removal Treatments

The good news is that women of any size can improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence with our state-of-the-art, non-invasive cellulite removal treatments.

Think for a moment about the last time you saw one of Kim Kardashian’s pictures that everyone was talking about. She is certainly not model-thin (a size 10 or 12 by most accounts). But with regular exercise and steady cellulite treatments she looks so amazing that the pictures she posts are so popular that they “break the Internet”.

Celebrate Those Curves with Cellulite Removal!

At Lisa’s Belle de Jour, we offer state-of-the-art, comfortable, non-invasive CelluSleek cellulite removal treatments – for beautiful, healthy, toned and cellulite-free skin! Many of our clients come to our convenient Beverly Hills location from Hollywood, West Hollywood and North Hollywood for discreet, relaxing & comfortable cellulite removal treatments.

No matter what your size, Cellusleek cellulite removal can improve your skin’s appearance by removing lumps and bumps. Schedule your cellulite removal appointment . . . and look amazing at any size!