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Anti Aging Facial Treatments

No woman wants to look old! And living in Santa Monica California can be especially challenging for women concerned with anti-aging who do not want to go under the knife! While Santa Monica weather is beautiful – all of that sun can take its toll on our faces. The sun’s harmful UV rays can accelerate fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Add to that the fact that Santa Monica is just steps away from Hollywood – the world’s plastic surgery capital – and a woman can start to feel old very quickly!

Anti Aging Facials are Santa Monica’s Alternatives to Plastic Surgery!

Fortunately, modern breakthroughs in skin care treatments – including state-of-the-art facials, peels & microdermabrasion – can reduce fine lines & wrinkles without surgery!

At Lisa’s Belle de Jour we offer a wide variety of anti-aging facial treatments that can restore your skin’s youthful glow, and improve your skin’s elasticity and smoothness. We will evaluate your skin’s type and condition to determine which anti-aging facials will be most effective for your unique skin.