Selfies & Cellulite Treatments in Santa Monica

Perfect Selfies with Cellulite Removal
In Sunny Santa Monica

It may be warm in Santa Monica this time of year – but it’s a cold hard fact that 85 % of women have cellulite!

I’m sure our Grandma’s generation had cellulite, but no one ever knew it, because their bathing suits covered everything above their knees!

And, as much as I love sharing pictures on Instagram & Facebook, I am envious of my Mom’s carefree, selfie-free youth. Her generation could spend a day at the beach in Santa Monica – or go shopping in their 1950’s short-shorts in Beverly Hills – without worrying that every moment (and lump or jiggle) was going to be caught on camera!

Now, just about every public move we make is recorded on someone’s cell phone. And that puts a lot of pressure on women to look good in a bikini, daisy dukes or a sundress. No one wants pics of themselves with lumpy-bumpy bum cheeks or cottage-cheesy thighs showing up on Facebook, for all the world to see.

 Best Cellulite Removal for Santa Monica Selfies!

That leaves women who love the sunny Santa Monica California lifestyle two choices: cover-up and stay inside, or do something about that cellulite!

At Lisa’s Belle de Jour we offer the latest techniques in non-invasive, non-surgical cellulite removal treatments. We use state-of-the-art cellulite removal technology that works on all body types to remove stubborn cellulite – so that your body is always 100% ready for the camera!

You may have heard of “endermologie” treatments offered by some Beverly Hills and Santa Monica cellulite treatment establishments. We offer a similar – but improved – body sculpting & cellulite reduction process called “CelluSleek”.  Similar to endermologie treatments, CelluSleek is actually faster and more effective than endermologie – and provides visible cellulite reduction results in just one visit!

CelluSleek cellulite reduction treatments combine a variety of modern techniques into each comfortable and relaxing session. Sub-dermal therapy (stimulation of cells), cupping, light stimulation, deep tissue therapy, vibration & mild percussion are combined to attack and remove cellulite – without surgery, bruising or downtime!

Our expensive, high tech CelluSleek treatment equipment combines a gentle suctioning of the dermis (skin) with massaging, rotating balls. This rolling suction stretches the connective tissue – restoring it to its youthful “un-puckered” condition. It also removes blockages in the tissue, increasing circulation and oxygenation – removing toxins & waste products that cause dimpling. The result is beautiful, toned, cellulite-free skin!

Best Cellulite Removal Treatments in Santa Monica

If you are ready for your close-up – and all those selfies that come with summer fun – schedule your CelluSleek cellulite removal treatment with Lisa today. With CelluSleek’s fast results your skin will be beach-ready by June!