Is Cellulite Genetic? Ask the West Hollywood Skin Experts!

About Cellulite Removal & Genetics:

By the West Hollywood Skin Care Expert

As a West  Hollywood area Skin Care professional, I am often asked by my clients if cellulite is hereditary. Well, the science and research on cellulite is evolving constantly – but the answer is actually “yes and no”.

Genes and Cellulite Treatment – West Hollywood

Dermatologists do know that there is a strong genetic component to cellulite. However – and it’s a BIG however – a woman’s body is only pre-disposed to develop cellulite under certain conditions. So if the cellulite producing conditions are not met – even women with “cellulite genes” may not develop cellulite!

In other words, having a genetic predisposition to cellulite does not mean that you are necessarily destined to cellulite – it just means that you have the possibility of developing it under certain conditions.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Dermatologists believe that cellulite is caused when tiny fat deposits (which everyone has – even thin people) “pop” through gaps in your skin’s connective tissue. This is what causes the “dimpling” effect. Think of the fat like playdough and the connective tissue as a screen holding it in!

The bigger the gaps in the screen, the more playdough that “pops” through. Some women simply have bigger “gaps” in their connective tissue – so more fat deposits pop through.

Men have sort of a “cross hatch” pattern to their connective tissue – so that is why they hold in the fat deposits, and don’t show “cellulite”. But very few women are born with this thick “cross hatch” type of connective tissue. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of women experience some form of cellulite in their lifetime.

Other Factors Influencing Cellulite Treatments – West Hollywood

Researchers also know there is a strong hormonal component to cellulite development. And, of course, the hormones a women’s body produces are partially determined by heredity – but also influenced by environmental factors. (Stress, toxins, exercise, etc.)

So, again, while heredity is part of the cause here – your lifestyle and environment over the years will also influence the hormones that can affect cellulite development.

One of the primary environmental factors affecting cellulite is toxins in the body. Of course, this is not hereditary! And while eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water can keep your body free of some toxins – there are many others in the environment that simply cannot be avoided. Even the air we breathe can introduce hundreds of unwanted toxins into our bodies.

Effective Cellulite Treatments – West Hollywood

So, you ask, if cellulite is strongly influenced by things beyond my control – such as heredity and exercise – is there anything I can do about unwanted cellulite? The answer to that question is “yes!”

Having almost 20 years of experience in the skin care industry I have experience with almost every cellulite treatment available! And I can personally attest to the fact that today’s state-of-the-art technologies in cellulite removal DO WORK – when administered by the right skin care professional.

At Lisa’s Belle de Jour we offer state-of-the-art CelluSleek treatments which combine sub-dermal therapy (stimulation of cells), cupping, light stimulation, deep tissue therapy & vibration/percussion – creating the most effective cellulite removal treatment available.

Cellusleek’s rolling suction unblocks blood & oxygen flow to the skins connective tissue – while removing toxins & waste products. Then the connective tissues are stretched, so the skin to return from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance. The result is beautiful, toned, smooth, cellulite-free skin!

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