Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments

Celebrity Cellulite Treatments in Beverly Hills

beverly hills cellulite treatments

Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments for Hips, Butt & “Booty”

If you are a bigger bottomed girl, you’re finally in luck. Thanks to style icons like Kim Kardashian, Jay Lo and Nicki Minaj, the fashion world has started recognizing the beauty of women with ample, curvy behinds! But while bigger booties may be all the rage . . . lumpy, bumpy cellulite on your hips and rear-end will never be in style.

Now that those of us with curves are showing off our “assets” in string bikinis, booty shorts, and other skin baring attire, it’s more important than ever to keep the cellulite away.

Cellusleek cellulite treatments are ideal for removing cellulite from your hips. Even “saddlebag” cellulite can be treated with Cellusleek treatments!

Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments for Belly, Stomach & Abdomen

Because there is a strong hereditary component to cellulite, all of the exercise and diet in the world will never completely rid you of cellulite on your belly or abdominal area. Even thin women can end up with dimply, ripply cellulite on their belly.

Because Cellusleek cellulite treatments work from the “inside out” they are ideal for removing cellulite from your stomach area. And, because Cellusleek is completely non-invasive and no-surgical, there is NONE of the pain associated with liposuction, freezing or laser cellulite treatments .

Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments for Arms, Legs & Thighs

Strapless evening gowns and wedding dresses, sleeveless sundresses, and athletic tank-tops will ALL reveal any unsightly cellulite on your arms. And short skirts and summertime shorts are going to show any cellulite on your legs. Rather than hide under long sleeves and long pants, Cellusleek cellulite treatments can smooth your arms and legs – giving you the confidence to show that skin!

You will see results with your very first Cellusleek treatment. And, after several sessions, your arms and legs will be so smooth and sleek that you’ll want to bare it all!

Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments for Love Handles & Muffin Tops

While the name “muffin top” may be cute – there is nothing cute about lumpy, dimpled fat. One of the most stubborn places to accumulate fat is in the “love handle” area that sits on your sides or “obliques” and squishes out over the top of your jeans.

Because Cellusleek cellulite treatments are gently and carefully applied by a trained and experienced technician, the state-of-the-art Cellusleek equipment can be carefully positioned to treat cellulite in even the trickiest and most hard to treat locations – including the “love handle” area.

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