Beverly Hills Myths About Cellulite Removal

6 Myths About Getting Rid of Cellulite

By The Beverly Hills Skin Care Team

Eyes around the world are always on the celebrity residents of Beverly Hills for the latest information on the best  – and worst – ways to get rid of cellulite. With so many celebrities on “cellulite watch” in the tabloids, a lot of bad information about cellulite removal is out there.

I have been helping women get rid of unwanted cellulite for almost 20 years, and I can tell you that a lot of what you may have heard about cellulite removal simply isn’t true!

Myth 1: Thin People Don’t Get Cellulite – Beverly Hills

Many people believe that you must be overweight to have cellulite – but In fact, thin women often display some of the most visible cellulite!

Cellulite consists of little pockets of herniated fat that push through the connective tissue. So hereditary factors – such as the thickness of your skin & connective tissue – determine whether you will get cellulite . . . not your weight!

Myth 2: Exercising Gets Rid of Cellulite – Beverly Hills

Unfortunately, when you exercise, it is impossible to “localize” or “target” the little fat pockets contained in the cellulite areas.

Obviously, exercise is absolutely great for overall health! And cardiovascular exercise can help improve circulation, which will boost your cellulite treatments. But exercise alone typically will not get rid of stubborn cellulite.

Myth 3: Liposuction Gets Rid of Cellulite – Beverly Hills

Plastic surgeons continue to recommend invasive liposuction surgery for cellulite removal – but research reveals that Liposuction has actually been shown to make cellulite worse! Additionally, liposuction is painful and has a long recovery period.

However, plastic surgeons continue to push extremely expensive invasive liposuction surgery for cellulite removal – most likely because it is simply very lucrative for them!

Myth 4: Cellulite Creams Gets Rid of Cellulite – Beverly Hills

There are many reasons why creams alone – especially drug store creams – cannot treat cellulite. This is because connective tissues contribute to cellulite development and NO cream alone can change the connective tissue that you have.

While proprietary creams are an essential component of professional cellulite treatment, it is only when they are combined with light stimulation and percussion – such as with Cellusleek – that they are effective.

Myth 5: Tanning Camouflages Cellulite

Not only is tanning terrible for your skin –leading to premature aging – it absolutely does nothing to hide or conceal cellulite.  We have all seen those leathery tan women on the beach with cellulite clearly visible in spite of their dark tan!

Myth 6: There’s No Cure for Cellulite

With almost 20 years of experience in the skin care industry I have seen almost every cellulite treatment available! And I can professionally attest to the fact that today’s advanced technologies in cellulite removal DO WORK – if you use the right procedure, administered by a skin care professional.

I offer state-of-the-art CelluSleek treatments which combine sub-dermal therapy (stimulation of cells), cupping, light stimulation, deep tissue therapy & vibration/percussion to create the most effective cellulite fighting technology available.

Cellusleek uses rolling suction to unblock the blood & oxygen flow into the connective tissue, while the connective tissues are stretched, allowing the skin to return from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance. Toxins & waste products in the skin are also removed. The result is beautiful, toned, cellulite-free skin!

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