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Sept. 2016 Santa Monica Facial Coupon

Santa Monica’s Best Facial Coupon: $50 Off an Anti Aging Facial! It’s been a long, hot, dry summer in Santa Monica. And nothing wreaks havoc on your face like hot, dry, sunny, dehydrating weather. Now you can reverse the sun’s damage – and ward off wrinkles and sunspots – with Santa Monica’s best facials – […]

Sept. 2016 Cellulite Removal Coupon

Buy a Package of 12 and  GET 3 Cellulite Treatments FREE! Get Beverly Hills Best Cellulite Removal Coupon Lisa’s Belle Du Jour offers CelluSleek cellulite treatments: state-of-the-art technology in non-invasive, non-surgical cellulite removal. Lisa believe’s that NO woman should have to suffer with cellulite! So, to make her amazing Cellulite Removal treatments available to everyone, Lisa is extending her Summer […]

3 Best Facials in Beverly Hills

The 3 Most Popular Facials In Beverly Hills Are . . . Beverly Hills Facial #1: Jet Oxygen Every Doctor will tell you that Oxygen is what keeps our skin healthy and alive! In recent years, medical professionals have begun using “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” to help bodies heal naturally by stimulating cell regeneration, and accelerating wound healing. […]

Try Cupping for Cellulite Removal

Beverly Hills Best Cellulite Treatment: Cupping! Many people had never heard of cupping before this year’s summer Olympics. And then Michael Phelps showed up to win five gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics with these round red marks all over his body! Now, overnight, the world has become aware of the centuries-old practice of cupping. What […]

Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments

Celebrity Cellulite Treatments in Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Cellulite Treatments for Hips, Butt & “Booty” If you are a bigger bottomed girl, you’re finally in luck. Thanks to style icons like Kim Kardashian, Jay Lo and Nicki Minaj, the fashion world has started recognizing the beauty of women with ample, curvy behinds! But while bigger booties […]

Beverly Hills Facial Acne Treatments

Our Beverly Hills Skin Care Experts Offer The Best Acne Treatments & Peels It’s hard enough to be a teenager in today’s challenging world! And being a Beverly Hills teenager brings with it the added challenges of feeling even more pressure to look “perfect”. Nothing can undermine a young woman’s or young man’s confidence in their appearance like […]