Traditional Facelift vs. Anti-Aging Facials in Beverly Hills

santa monica best facialsA traditional facelift is quite an invasive surgical procedures.  It requires the use of general anesthesia which adds additional risks.  Large incisions are made – resulting in pain, bruising & swelling. Most concerning are the “mistakes” that can occur – which are not correctable. Once skin is removed and tightened it cannot be “put back” if something goes wrong!

Before you go “under the knife” why not see what modern AntiAging Facial technologies can do for your skin! There is absolutely no risk, no pain – and everything to gain!

Our state of the art facials – including derma peels, oxygen facials, LED, CelluSleek and microdermabrasion –can reduce fine lines & wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful glow, and improve your skin’s elasticity and smoothness.

Many of our clients are so satisfied with the anti-aging results they achieve from regular facials, that they never need to consider expensive facelift surgery again.

We will evaluate your skin’s type and condition in our discreet and convenient Beverly Hills location, and determine which anti-aging facials will be most effective for your unique skin. We guarantee that you will leave with softer, smoother, more toned and youthful-looking skin!